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Links from the Numbers for Everyone blog.
These links are provided to allow you to download the native Excel(R) spreadsheet with all the formulas and formatting already functional.

Original post date File description Link
2/15/2011Convert latitude and longitude between Degrees-Minutes-Seconds and decimal DegreesConvertDMS.xls
8/18/2007 Calculate the integer ratios between large numbers. Ratios.xls
7/24/08 Drive for gas? As the price of gas goes up, shopping is less significant. DriveforGas.xls
8/8/2007 MPG - track your gas costs MPG.xls
9/27/2007 Auto-fill and Formatting demo InterestingSpreadsheet.xls

The links above are to native Microsoft Office 2003(R) documents and you must have an appropriate program to use it. Many, but possibly not all, features should work in compatible office programs. If a simple left-click on the link doesn't automatically open your office program; right-click the link and choose Save As to download it to your computer. Then you can open it from your office program.

These spreadsheets were all created under antivirus protection and do not contain any evil macros. That said, treat all downloads from the web as potentially malicious until you've verified you can trust the publisher. Anything I offer is without any guarantees.

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